Getting Real from 37Signals

If you have not already read the philosophies of 37Signals’ development, it is time well spent.  You can read Getting Real on-line.  It overviews the software development ideas that created such programs such as Ruby on Rails and Basecamp.   Using simple language and numerous case studies, they layout understanding that agile advocates should have as background.  Here’s a teaser from their introduction:  Want to build a successful web app? Then it’s time to Get Real. Getting Real is a smaller, faster, better way to build software. ·     Getting Real is about skipping all the stuff that represents … Continue Reading >

What’s so Wrong with Pushing

In agile development, much emphasis is rightfully placed on burn down rate, the number of story points completed within an iteration of development. I’ve never been fully satisfied with explanations for why this measure and control of it is so critical. To develop my perspective, let me step back and use analogy from manufacturing. I promise it all comes together in the end. For now, a SAT question:      Push Planning is to Traditional Management as Kanban or Pull System is to           a) Time Blocked Iterations           b) Story … Continue Reading >

Cost of Software Defects

Is the cost of software defects driven more by time than the stage of its discovery? Continue Reading >

Call for Panelists

I am moderating a panel discussion in June and am looking for panelists interested in participating.  It is for a BusinessAnalystWorld Symposium Conference and is titled The Role of the BA in an Agile Environment on June 9, 2008 from 9:45-11:00am in Denver. I would like to get perspective from practitioners in organizations of different sizes and experience levels on the road to Agile Software Development.  If interested leave me a comment or message.  I am also giving a talk later that afternoon if you want to attend or send representatives:  Agile Thoughts – … Continue Reading >

Do You Need BPM?

Business Process Management (BPM) application suites push the power of design, execution and improvement of processes toward business users.  You’ve invested a bunch of time, energy and money on your enterprise systems over the years. As soon as those implementations were complete, perhaps even before, something changed in your business. Immediately, the systems you put in place were obsolete leading to the creation of inefficient workarounds, renegade applications or manual processes. BPM allows you to improve how you execute current processes, insures that your enterprise systems continue to deliver the … Continue Reading >

Project Manager to Scrum Master

Many organizations looking to Agile methodologies to gain better results more quickly at lower costs are taking on the question of what is the role of a Project Manger (PM) on Agile Projects. It is common for a traditional PM to take scrum master training and then assume that role for agile development. But, how similar are these two roles?  Let’s begin with definitions: Project Manager: responsible for project success through planning and coordinating; staffing; assigning and tracking tasks; managing scope, issues and risks; tracking schedule and budget; ensuring quality, etc… … Continue Reading >

Hello world!

This blog will share mostly professional thoughts and learning, but occasionally, I will throw in some personal insights and ideas just to keep things lively.  Topics will incldue: Applying Agile, Leadership, Business and Technology Strategy, Process Optimization and others that come to mind.  Thanks for tuning in.