Why Sign on the Dotted Line

Consulting organizations often require signoff on deliverables to ensure that the client acknowledges that contractual obligations are met. Across organizational lines, these signatures, serve mostly a legal purpose. I often wondered about the use of signoff on deliverables inside of an organization where there is no external relationship. I’ve seen some development shops average as many as 15 or 20 of these sign-offs a day. The intent of getting signatures on product deliverables, of course, is to ensure that the proper attention was given to the creation of the product. … Continue Reading >

Cataloging Scrum Problems to Avoid

At the risk of becoming overly link heavy in recent posts, I want to highlight two sources for trouble-shooting scrum implementations.  The first is from Mike Griffiths’ Introducing Agile methods to Organizations: Mistakes to Avoid” (part 1, part 2, part 3). These meaty articles share plenty of wisdom. The second is from the ScrumAlliance. They have a wiki to share scrum experience. In a recent addition, they have succinctly started to expand on a Toward A Catalog Of Scrum Smells by Mike Cohn: Catalog of Scrum Smells Loss of Rhythm  Talking … Continue Reading >

Cycle Time as a Primary Measure

Mishkin Berteig has a great post up at his blog titled Measuring Process Improvements – Cycle Time. In it, he eloquently details why development teams should care about and manage cycle time. It complements nicely my First Law of Development and I encourage giving it a deep read.

Tips for Distributed Teams

Megan Sumrell has 10 nice tips up on working with remote teams. I like that these tips include a softer side to the remote challenge. To them, I add a few fundamentals: Keep an open IM channel. One to one is great, but a team chat room is even better. Create a room that the team logs into at the start of their work day. This creates virtual co-location and a place where everyone can come to work. It also creates an “across the desk” ability for collaboration. Don’t forget … Continue Reading >

Product Personality

There is a great post up yesterday from Rohit Bhargava, author of Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Brands Get it Back. In it, he talks about Brand Personality. I mentioned in Tell Me a Story, that I think product managers and owners would do good to give their products personalities early in the visioning process. As I read through his post, I thought perhaps giving them a brand is an easier way to think about this concept. Are you creating a Cadillac or a … Continue Reading >

BA World Symposium Conference

BusinessAnalystWorld Symposium put on a great conference in Denver. Slides to my presentation Agile Thoughts – Exploring the Philosophy and Mechanics that Make Agile Work can be downloaded from this post. Continue Reading >

Agile Aligned Organization

What should an agile organization look like? Continue Reading >