Piloting for Success

Although they have value, I’m not here to talk about quick hit or proof of concept projects. I’m talking about what leaders can learn from the disciplines of piloting aircraft. I earned my private pilot license in May of 2005. This post is a reflection on that experience and how it applies to business. Coaching Know anyone that learned to fly without a flight instructor? Not likely. Even if it were not an FAA requirement, it’s unlikely that anyone since Orville and Wilbur would try it. A good part of … Continue Reading >

Defining Agile Development (part 2)

In my first post, I expressed my disappointment with the Agile software development definition on Wikipedia. In this post, I’ll try to work to a concise working definition of Agile. UPDATE: Also see my refinement to this Agile Development definition. In my quest for a brief definition of Agile software development, I’ve tried to a number of sources. I’ve already discussed the limitations of the definition on Wikipedia. On Britannica, I found no entry. So, let’s start with a dictionary definition of agile: 1. quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe     … Continue Reading >

Wedding Bliss

My family visit was spectacular. We got my niece married and had a good time all around it.  And, we had great weather the entire time we were there. Amazing for August in the mid Atlantic. It was good to get away and now good to be back somewhat refreshed.

The Results are In

What better way to beat the 104 degree heat in Denver than to head to the mountains for a down hill mountain bike race in Winter Park. Out of a field of about 50 Amateur men competitors, I placed first in my age group and first overall. Wahoo! I am especially happy because a while back, the only place my name showed when Googled was for a near last place finish in a different cross country race. Tomorrow we leave for a family vacation for a week. My niece is … Continue Reading >