What is a Center of Excellence

Continuing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from recent experience in establishing Centers of Excellence. I’ve never really liked the term. Sounds so haughty. I prefer ‘Competency or Capability Center’ or pick any another term you like. But, ‘Center of Excellence’ seems to be what has stuck in the business world, so we’ll go with it here. Definition: Whatever you call them, a Center of Excellence (CoE) should, at a most basic level consist of:  A team of people that promote collaboration and using … Continue Reading >

Why Create Centers of Excellence

I’ve been focused on setting up centers of excellence recently. I will be sharing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from that experience in a few upcoming Centers of Excellence posts. The first question many customers ask is why would I want a center of excellence? The best answer is because it drives valuable results. A recent Forrester study of BPM shows that having a center of excellence significantly enhances the ability of an organization to meet or exceed the goals that center supports. … Continue Reading >

Value Driven Sales

I’m in Dallas today co-presenting at the global sales conference for a large BPM software provider. The topic, using return on investment to drive strategic sales, was well received by the audience. The CEO and VP of Marketing in the company were familiar with the case study I presented from previous work together. The CEO highlighted the effect that linking operational measures to key performance indicators and return drivers had on sales in the past software company he ran. By his measures, this approach had closed sales 30% faster, improved … Continue Reading >

Testing for Agility

I endorse a post by Dean Leffingewell on evaluating enterprise agility. In it he explains three key test areas: Variable Scope. Fixed Quality Incremental Value Delivery Empowerment and Accountability I am going to get picky here, so read the rest at your own discretion… Perhaps, I’d rearrange the sub bullets under different main headings. For example, as I compare this to my definition, I wonder whether the test for customer alignment should be more explicit? I also notice my definition does not explicitly dictate variable scope or even iterations. To … Continue Reading >