Lean, Agile – Kanban, Scrum

David Anderson at Agile Management has two new blog posts that got me thinking. The first is How to Start with Kanban which lays out how to implement  Kanban for software development in 10 easy steps (I like its simplicity.) The second is Blogosphere Buzz about Lean & Kanban which is a comprehensive review of blog articles coming out of the Florida Lean & Kanban conference. All this Lean Kanban talk got me thinking about what really is the difference between all these terms. My conclusion in summary is: Lean … Continue Reading >

What Happened at Lean & Kanban

The Lean & Kanban 2009 conference, wrapped up this week and there has been a lot of buzz about it. I like a summary by email from Dean Leffingwell over at The Agile Executive. Among Dean’s takeaways on the conference are: I obviously think Lean Software will be big. It will be to the enterprise what Scrum is to teams. I believe that Kanban (a subset of lean, being used as an agile team method now), will be more readily adopted in 3-5 years than Scrum. He gives a number … Continue Reading >