Amazing Adventures of Kanban

OK, I couldn’t stop laughing at Jon Miller’s post taking a creative look at the 60 year history of Kanban. It is as instructive as it is funny. To get a flavor, here’s an excerpt: Kanban Gains Superpowers Pokayoke has the power to prevent mistakes. Jiodka frees people to run machines intelligently, rather than be run by them. Heijunka has the power to take choppy demand and smooth it out. Kaizen has the power to make infinite small improvements. All of these players and their many friends bring order and … Continue Reading >

Ten Practices for Applying Lean Agile to Other Knowledge Work

Dean Leffingwell has a great post up with the above title. His approach and conclusions fit well with my Laws of Development. I realize I’ve never summarized them on this blog, so I will do that in the future. In the mean time, here’s a summary from Dean’s great work which is very  practical: He offers that by replacing the word ‘software’ with ‘solutions’ in founding agile principle statements, they can apply broadly to other knowledge work like: training development, IT infrastructure administration, marketing communications, and HR management. He also … Continue Reading >