BPM Adoption Helping Fight Downturn

I love the recent article by this title on CBR online. It quotes Gartner’s Michele Cantara as saying that companies who are prepared to ramp up their BPM investments now will be better poised for growth when the economy recovers. A recent Gartner surveys show spending on BPM is expected to increase by 5% more over the next 12 months. Gartner believes BPM has been a top CIO priority for some years, but that lately its importance has been elevated because BPM projects “act as a catalyst for cutting costs, … Continue Reading >

What Cloud Computing do You Use?

My brother sent me an email the other day asking the above question. As I thought about my reply, I really did not know how to answer him. I think he was asking where I host my business web site, but I use the cloud for such a variety of things today and the offerings continue to grow each day. With that thought in mind, I am posting an updated version of a strategy paper I did a few years ago. This is expanded from an original post by Marc … Continue Reading >

Does the Cloud Rule?

Cloud computing has been held up as the next great leap organizations should take. Yet, I see few using these offerings for other than standard applications, pre-built features and some non-critical and departmental applications.  Customized enterprise applications and those that offer competitive advantage are rarely built in the cloud today. The draw of the cloud are many. In George Reese’s book, Cloud Application Architectures published this April, he draws the following comparisons: From this, he concludes: The one obvious fact that should jump out of this chart is that building … Continue Reading >

What is SharePoint

I hear many businesses that are interested in ‘doing something with SharePoint.’ That is kind of like saying I’d like to deploy a Swiss army knife. Depending on what the goals of the business are, SharePoint can be a lot of different things. This post tries to explore what those are. First, let’s start with a few definitions for SharePoint: An integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for … Continue Reading >