Horizon Line Group

We are changing our name to better reflect the services we offer. Businesses looking to the Horizon Line are working for long term performance. They have the right perspective to journey across what is in front of them while preparing for the unseen. Expect the same great insights and service as we make this transition. Horizon Line Group; The right business perspective. Explore our company using site navigation at the right or from our Home Page.

JIT Technologies

Business leaders know that only when improvement solves business problems and creates capabilities that were never before possible is investment justified.  Processes, organization and technology must be aligned with mission and objectives to add real value. JIT Technologies Brings Advanced Capabilities to Business. We are an management consulting firm that specializes in delivering business value. Our experience includes Strategy, Process Improvement and Program Oversight. We approach all our engagements with down-to-earth practical advice. We bring expertise earned through years of experience. We are always learning to discover better ways of … Continue Reading >

The Value of Values

Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex, intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple, stupid behavior. Continue Reading >

Agile Elements

Agile is a way of approaching business.  It is about delivering value in everything. It is about always learning and always doing better. It is about creative problem solving. It is about discovery as you go and drawing on experience. It is about having enough savvy to know that no two problems are quite alike and enough experience to confidently explore differences. Agility gives us room to maneuver and grow. It is in that spirit that, Agile Elements is published.

Strategic Context

I’ve used Balanced Score Card (BSC)  and similar approaches for a number of years to organize the elements of and facilitate teams in creating a Strategic Plan. Recently, a CEO suggested he preferred Objectives, goals, strategies and measures (OGSM). No worries, the terms are a little different, but the pieces are similar. I went about mapping the results we had gotten from our BSC facilitation to the OGSM model: This exercise got me a little concerned since the result was missing much of the context in the strategic plan. We … Continue Reading >