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HorizonLinepngWe are changing our name to better reflect the services we offer. Businesses looking to the Horizon Line are working for long term performance. They have the right perspective to journey across what is in front of them while preparing for the unseen. Expect the same great insights and service as we make this transition. Horizon Line Group; The right business perspective.

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  • John says:

    / It seems like HR -and especially rticureing- has an identity problem. Everyone seems to compare it with other parts of the organization.I have seen it compared with- Sales for CRM,- logistics or production for supply chain management- financial for analyticsThe only other department that seem to lack its own identity is IT!When was the last time you have seen accounting compared to CRM?For sure, playing ostrich and not looking at what happening at other places is a good recipe for failure, or rather lack of success.But getting inspired from and copying are two different things. And here I have the feeling ( I may be wrong) that this is what is happening again.Yes, HR and rticureing are broken at many places.No, HR and rticureing are not a car assembly line.

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