Agile Transformation

Speed. Flexibility. Adaptability. These qualities are essential to success in business today. Whether you’re looking to get better results from software development or to leapfrog your competition with new capabilities and better customer satisfaction, Agile approaches enable companies to meet these needs while improving quality.

Agile transformation delivers:

  • A project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation;
  • A leadership approach that encourages team work, self-organization and accountability;
  • A set of engineering best practices that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality new products;
  • A business capability that aligns development with customer needs and company strategy and goals.

We start by understanding your business goals then evaluate six key dimensions of your business: Prioritization, Organization, Process, Teamwork, Tools and Measures. This begins the learning process and allows us to work together to custom tailor an approach that works toward your specific needs. We customize kanban, scrum and dev ops techniques and tools to fit your organization. Then, we train, coach and mentor teams to ingrain the ideas until they are part of normal operations.

Whether you are just starting out, are looking for a tune-up to your current agile practices, or would like to expand more widely, we have the experience to help through assessment, design, training, coaching, tool selection and more.


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