Strategic Context

I’ve used Balanced Score Card (BSC)  and similar approaches for a number of years to organize the elements of and facilitate teams in creating a Strategic Plan. Recently, a CEO suggested he preferred Objectives, goals, strategies and measures (OGSM). No worries, the terms are a little different, but the pieces are similar. I went about mapping the results we had gotten from our BSC facilitation to the OGSM model: This exercise got me a little concerned since the result was missing much of the context in the strategic plan. We … Continue Reading >

Balanced Scorecard Tools

I am a big believer in creating an overall score card for an organization and measuring performance against it. The Balanced Scorecard remains one of the best ways to accomplish that goal for an organization. I recently found a great set of tools from Mark Graham Brown that simplify getting started. I especially like the Excel Templates. You will also find Supplemental Materials => Excel Model | PowerPoint | Case Study | Workshop | Project Plan | White Paper. If you’d like to get a broad overview of the Balanced … Continue Reading >

Measuring Outputs Expanded

I talked at a high level in my Measure Outputs post about the types of measures that are useful. That post stated broadly that input measures do little to help improve, control or predict performance. In this post, I will expand on that concept to cover in more depth what types of measures focus on output and help drive process improvement. Perhaps the best known framework for creating measures is the balanced score card. This sets up categories of metrics that support an organizations strategies and vision. From the Balanced … Continue Reading >