BPM Studies

Thanks to the BPM course students at University of Colorado for an engaging class discussion this week. It is good to know that treating business processes as strategic assets and building agility into them will be ideas driving our future business  leaders. A link to my class materials is below. Let me know how else I can help. Business Value of BPM++.pdf

The Intelligent BPMS Magic Quadrant

As part of a growing trend from multiple fronts to extend BPM technologies beyond their traditional uses, Gartner recently released a magic quadrant evaluating Intelligent BPMS. Incorporating, social, analytics, complex event processing, and mobile has allowed these tools to deliver a new level of potential and value creation capabilities. Whether the trend is labeled “Dynamic,” “Adaptive,” “Intelligent,” or something else, organizations that have already captured the majority of the benefits from traditional BPM technologies will see additional value from deploying this new breed of integrated technologies into their business processes. Continue Reading >

Thinking about White Space

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the stuff that happens outside of traditional enterprise applications. Enterprise software (ERP, CRM, etc) has become good at solving most of the structured work needs in organizations. But, many business problems today require work outside of enterprise applications. These ‘white space’ activities involve research, analysis , collaboration, applied knowledge, planning, resource allocation, approvals and many other human activities. Often they get managed today using email. This results in a large portion of the work done in organizations being: Undocumented Unmanaged Unmeasured Time … Continue Reading >

CU’s Business Process Management Class

Thanks to Dr. Judy Scott and all the thoughtful University of Colorado students who participated in last night’s engaging class discussion around BPM. Good to know that BPM has grown into a graduate course with good critical thinking around the concepts and applicability. Here is a link to my presentation materials on the Business Value of BPM. I look forward to follow up discussions in the comments below or on the course discussion forum.

Forrester Waves Dynamic Case Management

“While BPM products tend to focus on repeatable, structured processes, case management applies to more dynamic, unstructured, ad hoc processes.” And so, a new wave is born in Q1 2011. Forrester now separates DCM from traditional BPM with a separate wave. The usual suspects make up most of the leaders. Some interesting up and comers also make the short list of vendors profiled. Their explanation of Dynamic Case Management is worth a read of the full article.

Who’s your CPO?

Good to find out this morning that most organizations have already thought about and reached a conclusion similar to mine that process improvement is an operations responsibility. According to Forrester, only about 22% have process improvement report to IT:

What is BPM

As I work to prepare the agendas for the fall schedule of the Denver chapter of the Association of BPM Professionals (ABPMP), I thought it would be timely to step back and define BPM. First, let’s get the acronym expanded correctly. I still hear some say BPM is Business Process Modeling or Business Performance Management. No, to me at least, BPM is Business Process Management. Perhaps this is the simplest definition we will all agree to. As I went searching for more definition, I found that there is less agreement … Continue Reading >

Forrester: SharePoint, On Its Own, Isn’t Cut Out for BPM

This interesting article from CMSwire summarizes a new Forrester report titled SharePoint and BPM — Finding The Sweet Spot. They reach a similar conclusion as in my What is SharePoint post regarding using it for BPM or an application framework: that while SharePoint does a lot of things well, it becomes brittle when you try to use it for managing more than simple business processes. According to CMSwire, Forrester offers several reasons why SharePoint 2010 offers limited support for BPM, including: Out of the box, SharePoint processes are simple, so … Continue Reading >

Who are the Cool BPM Vendors?

Since they knew you wanted to know, Gartner is just out with their list of Cool BPM vendors. These are vendors that are innovative, interesting, and have or will have a business impact on the future of IT. Interestingly, none of the established players make the list. Who did? This from CMS wire: BizAgi, based in Bogota, Colombia, focuses on handing more responsibility to business users to improve processes. Its principal products include a free BPMN 1.2-based modeler, an Express Edition and its “model once, execute anywhere” edition which have … Continue Reading >

Business Value of BPM

Many thanks to the students of the University of Colorado, Denver Business School’s class on Business Process Management for an engaging discussion yesterday. I am glad to see that there are now college classes focused on BPM. I hope that I was able to share some experiences about how to build business cases that justify investment in process improvement and BPM technologies. The slides from my presentation are posted on this link: The Business Value of BPM.