Business Value of BPM

Many thanks to the students of the University of Colorado, Denver Business School’s class on Business Process Management for an engaging discussion yesterday. I am glad to see that there are now college classes focused on BPM. I hope that I was able to share some experiences about how to build business cases that justify investment in process improvement and BPM technologies. The slides from my presentation are posted on this link: The Business Value of BPM.

Creating Value Stories – ABPMP Summary

I presented this Thursday at the ABPMP Denver meeting on the topic of how to buildĀ  support for BPM initiatives. My message was primarily that to get traction and support for these initiatives, internal and external services organizations need to create a compelling value story. “Stories” are how these initiatives communicate how they will solve need and meet organizational goals. Here are the presentation slides for Consultative Selling and Business Cases for BPM ROI. I am glad to see how the Denver ABPMP organization has grown over the past year … Continue Reading >