What is BPM

As I work to prepare the agendas for the fall schedule of the Denver chapter of the Association of BPM Professionals (ABPMP), I thought it would be timely to step back and define BPM. First, let’s get the acronym expanded correctly. I still hear some say BPM is Business Process Modeling or Business Performance Management. No, to me at least, BPM is Business Process Management. Perhaps this is the simplest definition we will all agree to. As I went searching for more definition, I found that there is less agreement … Continue Reading >

Do You Need BPM?

Business Process Management (BPM) application suites push the power of design, execution and improvement of processes toward business users.  You’ve invested a bunch of time, energy and money on your enterprise systems over the years. As soon as those implementations were complete, perhaps even before, something changed in your business. Immediately, the systems you put in place were obsolete leading to the creation of inefficient workarounds, renegade applications or manual processes. BPM allows you to improve how you execute current processes, insures that your enterprise systems continue to deliver the … Continue Reading >