Centers of Excellence Revisited

I first wrote about Centers of Excellence about 5 years ago and it remains one of the most popular topics here. This post summarizes and updates thoughts on Centers of Excellence (CoE) as a way to build a capability to deliver value when specialty skills are needed. It covers: The rationale for creation The qualities of a good CoE How to grow a CoE Getting started

Growing Centers of Excellence

Continuing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from recent experience in establishing Centers of Excellence. I believe different enterprises are at different levels of sophistication in their use of centers of excellence (CoEs) and view them at different levels of strategic importance. Organizational Maturity Models are a good approximation to the stages enterprises will experience in creating CoE’s. Perhaps the best know of these is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM or CMMI.) The CMM model identifies five increasing levels of maturity for an organization: … Continue Reading >

Why Create Centers of Excellence

I’ve been focused on setting up centers of excellence recently. I will be sharing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from that experience in a few upcoming Centers of Excellence posts. The first question many customers ask is why would I want a center of excellence? The best answer is because it drives valuable results. A recent Forrester study of BPM shows that having a center of excellence significantly enhances the ability of an organization to meet or exceed the goals that center supports. … Continue Reading >