How Long Does it Take?

This post continues a series of  blog posts on Measures by exploring Cycle Time. Cycle Time is one of my favorite measures. It is at the heart of Lean and forms a basis for improvement that is typically at the center of good customer experience and process agility. In my opinion, any process not tracking this measure cannot be meaningfully improved. Cycle Time is defined as the total duration for a process to complete. This includes all time from a customer’s perspective to transform inputs to outputs including wait, process, … Continue Reading >

How Many?

When setting process measures, there are four key areas where I start: Volume Cycle Time Efficiency Quality I’ll be exploring these over a series of blog posts on Measures starting with this post on Volume. Volume seems like a simple measure. At its root, it is concerned with how many. Lets consider a simple a simple loan process and dig in a little deeper. First, should I measure the number of loans, or the $ value of the loans processed? Is there another weighting factor that affects the process that … Continue Reading >