My Love – Hate of Android

I’m a long time BlackBerry user and recently switched to Android. My trackball died, the phone was scratched up, and BB did not offer with my carrier some of the love I wanted, so I looked for an alternative. First let me say I am disappointed that BB has been slow to keep up with a worthy alternative. Second, let me say that I miss my BB. It is the perfect communication device for phone and email. If only I could get some of the Android love inside of a … Continue Reading >

Swarming Blobs

I laughed out loud as I read this post from Tom Perry. He is Co-presenting the topic: Swarming – The Birds and the Bees and Agile at Agile 08. It would not be quite as intriguing if it were titled: Slime Molds, The Birds and the Bees and Agile. I am sure there is something analogous to self-organizing teams in all this. In the mean time it’s worth a good laugh along with a ‘how bout that.’