Amazing Adventures of Kanban

OK, I couldn’t stop laughing at Jon Miller’s post taking a creative look at the 60 year history of Kanban. It is as instructive as it is funny. To get a flavor, here’s an excerpt: Kanban Gains Superpowers Pokayoke has the power to prevent mistakes. Jiodka frees people to run machines intelligently, rather than be run by them. Heijunka has the power to take choppy demand and smooth it out. Kaizen has the power to make infinite small improvements. All of these players and their many friends bring order and … Continue Reading >

Lean, Agile – Kanban, Scrum

David Anderson at Agile Management has two new blog posts that got me thinking. The first is How to Start with Kanban which lays out how to implement¬† Kanban for software development in 10 easy steps (I like its simplicity.) The second is Blogosphere Buzz about Lean & Kanban which is a comprehensive review of blog articles coming out of the Florida Lean & Kanban conference. All this Lean Kanban talk got me thinking about what really is the difference between all these terms. My conclusion in summary is: Lean … Continue Reading >

Development Kanban

I was recently reviewing a presentation from David Anderson on Kanban from Agile 2007. I love some of his ideas on sizing work, especially in separating work in process (WIP/story point) management from the release cycle. He summarizes his approach in 4 bullet points for success: Focus on Quality (fourth law of development) Reduce or Limit Work in Progress (what’s wrong with pushing) Balance Demand against Throughput (first law of development) Prioritize I think these simple statements help focus on how the principles of lean six sigma guide success. They … Continue Reading >