How To Excel at Anything

I’m certainly late to the band wagon, but I really enjoyed this post from Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users about the mindset to become an expert. Her intro chart alone is worth the click. And if the brain scientists are right, all the aspiring expert needs is a strong dedication to continuous improvement: “That dedication to mastery drives the potential expert to focus on the most subtle aspects of performance, and to never be satisfied. There is always more to improve on and they’re willing to work on the … Continue Reading >

Fail Early, Learn Often

While moderating a panel discussion recently, one of the first questions after the introductions was asking to explain what was meant by allowing a team to fail. The important understanding that I think was misunderstood is that failure is not meant to allow releases or products fail, but to generate learning opportunities to ensure ultimate success. Saving a company is an extreme example of what learning often is trying to avoid. Roger Ehernberg has a thoughtful post describing the lessons learned from the recent closure of his company, Monitor 110. … Continue Reading >

Cataloging Scrum Problems to Avoid

At the risk of becoming overly link heavy in recent posts, I want to highlight two sources for trouble-shooting scrum implementations.  The first is from Mike Griffiths’ Introducing Agile methods to Organizations: Mistakes to Avoid” (part 1, part 2, part 3). These meaty articles share plenty of wisdom. The second is from the ScrumAlliance. They have a wiki to share scrum experience. In a recent addition, they have succinctly started to expand on a Toward A Catalog Of Scrum Smells by Mike Cohn: Catalog of Scrum Smells Loss of Rhythm  Talking … Continue Reading >