Who’s your CPO?

Good to find out this morning that most organizations have already thought about and reached a conclusion similar to mine that process improvement is an operations responsibility. According to Forrester, only about 22% have process improvement report to IT:

Invest in Growth, Savings or Risk Reduction?

ABPMP Denver put on a great panel discussion on Tuesday evening on the topic of the state of project work in the current economy. First thanks to the great panelists for sharing a collective generation of great insight: Bill Gilbert, EVP and COO, Statera; Donald Davidoff, Group VP Strategic Systems, Archstone; and David Neitz, VP Solutions and Innovation, Fiserv Investment Support Services. I’ve been ruminating on a lot of the topics covered, but the one I keep coming back to is the answers to the question ‘what are companies investing … Continue Reading >

Team Charters

If you need more than one person to get a project done, start with creation of a team charter. Charters document and communicate a team’s purpose. The process of creating and maintaining the charter builds understanding of and broad commitment to that purpose. Continue Reading >

Why Sign on the Dotted Line

Consulting organizations often require signoff on deliverables to ensure that the client acknowledges that contractual obligations are met. Across organizational lines, these signatures, serve mostly a legal purpose. I often wondered about the use of signoff on deliverables inside of an organization where there is no external relationship. I’ve seen some development shops average as many as 15 or 20 of these sign-offs a day. The intent of getting signatures on product deliverables, of course, is to ensure that the proper attention was given to the creation of the product. … Continue Reading >