Product Personality

There is a great post up yesterday from Rohit Bhargava, author of Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Brands Get it Back. In it, he talks about Brand Personality. I mentioned in Tell Me a Story, that I think product managers and owners would do good to give their products personalities early in the visioning process. As I read through his post, I thought perhaps giving them a brand is an easier way to think about this concept. Are you creating a Cadillac or a … Continue Reading >

Tell Me a (Short) Story

Stories are the raw materials of development. They should stay in a raw form until needed. Or, as stated by the third “law of development physics”: The value of requirements increases as its production release becomes imminent. Or, you know what you need when you see it, until then, make up a good story. Continue Reading >