What is BPM

As I work to prepare the agendas for the fall schedule of the Denver chapter of the Association of BPM Professionals (ABPMP), I thought it would be timely to step back and define BPM. First, let’s get the acronym expanded correctly. I still hear some say BPM is Business Process Modeling or Business Performance Management. No, to me at least, BPM is Business Process Management. Perhaps this is the simplest definition we will all agree to. As I went searching for more definition, I found that there is less agreement … Continue Reading >

Project Manager to Scrum Master

Many organizations looking to Agile methodologies to gain better results more quickly at lower costs are taking on the question of what is the role of a Project Manger (PM) on Agile Projects. It is common for a traditional PM to take scrum master training and then assume that role for agile development. But, how similar are these two roles?  Let’s begin with definitions: Project Manager: responsible for project success through planning and coordinating; staffing; assigning and tracking tasks; managing scope, issues and risks; tracking schedule and budget; ensuring quality, etc… … Continue Reading >