CU’s Business Process Management Class

Thanks to Dr. Judy Scott and all the thoughtful University of Colorado students who participated in last night’s engaging class discussion around BPM. Good to know that BPM has grown into a graduate course with good critical thinking around the concepts and applicability. Here is a link to my presentation materials on the Business Value of BPM. I look forward to follow up discussions in the comments below or on the course discussion forum.

Business Value of BPM

Many thanks to the students of the University of Colorado, Denver Business School’s class on Business Process Management for an engaging discussion yesterday. I am glad to see that there are now college classes focused on BPM. I hope that I was able to share some experiences about how to build business cases that justify investment in process improvement and BPM technologies. The slides from my presentation are posted on this link: The Business Value of BPM.

ROI Calculator Defines Business Value

I recently updated my ROI Value calculator. I first discussed this calculator and the approach for quantifying value in the presentation linked to in Creating Value Stories. Since then, I’ve refined some of the categories and identified additional strategies for generating benefit from process improvements. Modifications bring the benefit strategies to 29 across the categories in the benefits tree above. Process improvement from BPM, Lean, and other initiatives generate quantifiable business value through one or more of these strategies. This calculator is currently deployed to support sales at a BPM … Continue Reading >

ROI-ify Sales

I am off to Dallas again this week to help with a software sales ROI presentation to the executive team. I was browsing some other ROI sites and found Glenn Clowney’s articles particularly interesting. His articles on the topic are right in line with my experience. Among his findings: 81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify the business value of their product or service, meaning 60% more projects are likely to be approved (Information Week). According to an Ernst & Young study, only 2% of the buyers say vendors are … Continue Reading >