ROI-ify Sales

I am off to Dallas again this week to help with a software sales ROI presentation to the executive team. I was browsing some other ROI sites and found Glenn Clowney’s articles particularly interesting. His articles on the topic are right in line with my experience. Among his findings: 81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify the business value of their product or service, meaning 60% more projects are likely to be approved (Information Week). According to an Ernst & Young study, only 2% of the buyers say vendors are … Continue Reading >

The Value of Process Improvement

I will be presenting at the November ABPMP event in Denver this Thursday from 4:00p to 6:00p.  The topic is Using Business Cases and ROI to Justify BPM. The content is based on my work with a BPM software vendor’s sales team where we built an approach and model for them to deliver customized Business Cases with sales prospects.  The approach is equally applicable to BPM Centers of Excellence looking to generate project sponsorship. This value driven approach has been shown to speed support and close more, larger projects. You … Continue Reading >

Value Driven Sales

I’m in Dallas today co-presenting at the global sales conference for a large BPM software provider. The topic, using return on investment to drive strategic sales, was well received by the audience. The CEO and VP of Marketing in the company were familiar with the case study I presented from previous work together. The CEO highlighted the effect that linking operational measures to key performance indicators and return drivers had on sales in the past software company he ran. By his measures, this approach had closed sales 30% faster, improved … Continue Reading >