How To Excel at Anything

I’m certainly late to the band wagon, but I really enjoyed this post from Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users about the mindset to become an expert. Her intro chart alone is worth the click. And if the brain scientists are right, all the aspiring expert needs is a strong dedication to continuous improvement: “That dedication to mastery drives the potential expert to focus on the most subtle aspects of performance, and to never be satisfied. There is always more to improve on and they’re willing to work on the … Continue Reading >

Learn from Successes and Failures

Brad Feld has a great post up today titled “What do you Suck At?  I love the exercise he describes that asks participants to talk about what they suck at. I was recently listening to a podcast from the Standford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar by Tina Seeling.  She has an assignment in one of her classes for students to write a failure resume.  While typical resumes focus on successes, she suggests that we learn more by understanding our failures. Why? To me, failures and shortcomings define your learning. Great failures … Continue Reading >