Know these Rules to Rule SaaS

I’ve been a fan of Joe York since first getting introduced to his SaaS Rules of Thumb mathematics a few years ago. Start with SaaS Metrics Rule-of-Thumb #1 and read all 10 rules. It gets a little deep, but be sure to at least come away with the concepts and relationships. These are must knows around which to build successful software strategies and profitable businesses. If you are familiar with his work, start anywhere in his chaotic-flow blog to continue to reap knowledge from his experience and insight.

The Value of Values

Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex, intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple, stupid behavior. Continue Reading >

ROI Calculator Defines Business Value

I recently updated my ROI Value calculator. I first discussed this calculator and the approach for quantifying value in the presentation linked to in Creating Value Stories. Since then, I’ve refined some of the categories and identified additional strategies for generating benefit from process improvements. Modifications bring the benefit strategies to 29 across the categories in the benefits tree above. Process improvement from BPM, Lean, and other initiatives generate quantifiable business value through one or more of these strategies. This calculator is currently deployed to support sales at a BPM … Continue Reading >

Creating Value Stories – ABPMP Summary

I presented this Thursday at the ABPMP Denver meeting on the topic of how to build  support for BPM initiatives. My message was primarily that to get traction and support for these initiatives, internal and external services organizations need to create a compelling value story. “Stories” are how these initiatives communicate how they will solve need and meet organizational goals. Here are the presentation slides for Consultative Selling and Business Cases for BPM ROI. I am glad to see how the Denver ABPMP organization has grown over the past year … Continue Reading >

The Value of Process Improvement

I will be presenting at the November ABPMP event in Denver this Thursday from 4:00p to 6:00p.  The topic is Using Business Cases and ROI to Justify BPM. The content is based on my work with a BPM software vendor’s sales team where we built an approach and model for them to deliver customized Business Cases with sales prospects.  The approach is equally applicable to BPM Centers of Excellence looking to generate project sponsorship. This value driven approach has been shown to speed support and close more, larger projects. You … Continue Reading >

Value Driven Sales

I’m in Dallas today co-presenting at the global sales conference for a large BPM software provider. The topic, using return on investment to drive strategic sales, was well received by the audience. The CEO and VP of Marketing in the company were familiar with the case study I presented from previous work together. The CEO highlighted the effect that linking operational measures to key performance indicators and return drivers had on sales in the past software company he ran. By his measures, this approach had closed sales 30% faster, improved … Continue Reading >

Defining ‘Agile Software Development’ on Wikipedia

I started another post and got stuck on this Wikipedia definition. The great insight normally found on Wikipedia, in this case, has left me disappointed: Agile Software Development: refers to a group of software development methodologies that promote development iterations, open collaboration, and adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project. Are these the three bullet points what we should highlight for Agile: Iterations, Open Collaboration and Adaptability?  I think they are all critical, but do they cover the fundamentals? This definition has actually improved greatly over the last couple months. In … Continue Reading >

The Value of Values

It’s not immediately obvious why values are important to success. To me, it at first seems like the process dictates values and principles attached to them. To some extent this is true. A waterfall process, by its nature dictates that planning and control are important values. Agile dictates that adaptation is key. But neither process gives insight into how team members will interact. Will they collaborate to solve problems among themselves and with their business sponsors and customers? Can they openly raise issues? How will they even involve the customer? … Continue Reading >

Agile on a Single Page

One page summaries of the values of agile software development. Continue Reading >